The New Colors of Law Firm Marketing

Today I would like to present you a very well-written little book by Dr. Allan Colman of the Closers Group, LLC. It is presented as “the world’s first law firm coloring book” and features some truly fresh ideas for lawyers to:

  • Grow your client base
  • Gain more revenue
  • Overcome mental blocks when it comes to sales

The basic principle is that Dr. Colman took numerous quotes one can frequently overhear attorneys and in-house counsel utter when they talk about business development and marketing. He then turned those into cartoons, adding context and describing tactics those attorneys would need to become more successful.

Now, you don’t really need to sit down with crayons and start coloring the cartoons (though Allan doesn’t discourage it), but going through the different scenarios one by one at your own pace and while taking notes or highlighting important parts that jump out at you will certainly help you recognize this kind of thinking in yourself in the future.

Some of the quotes I enjoyed from the book include “When I was in law school, marketing meant going to the grocery store.”, “I failed on one proposal; why try again?”, or the ever-popular “Marketing should not be left to the marketing department.”. Heard any of those before?

In turn you’ll learn valuable tactics like always building relationships, converting your values to “their” needs, and that Rainmaking doesn’t need to start outside the firm.

You can find the book on Closer’s Group website or on amazon. Check it out!

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